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Hi, my name is Daryl Kirman and I’m the owner operator of Rightway Roofing. I established the business in 2010 when I emigrated to New Zealand with my family, from the UK. In England I ran a successful roofing company for 20 years.

Spending so many years in the industry it means that there’s not many roofing situations that I’ve not faced before, or problems that I can’t solve. Over the years I’ve dealt with many other roofing companies, and whilst some are good there’s a lot of businesses that simply don’t finish a job to the high standards I would expect. I really do pride myself on ensuring that all my customer are 100% happy with the quality of the job upon completion.

In terms of costings, I don’t have a fixed price or able to offer you a price over the phone or email, simply because every job is different. However, being a reasonably small company, it does mean I keep my overhead costs low and am able to pass those savings onto my customer, making me highly competitive. Feel free to give me a call and I may be able to give you a very rough price estimate over the phone, but I’m also really happy to meet you at your property, discuss options and offer a no-obligation quote.

I run a nimble business, with good contacts, enabling us to flex with demand and bring in extra help for the big jobs or have just 2-3 of us working on the small ones.

No matter what stage you are at, whether you know exactly what you want, or still looking for ideas, give me a call, I guarantee that I’ll be able to give you some good advice, regardless of whether it turns into a job for me or not.

I look forward to talking to you.

Daryl Kirman
Owner Operator

Why Rightway Roofing

All in the detail

We’re a small business with the ability to flex and have a high attention to detail.

Certified Experience

Using a Licenced Building Practitioner (LBP) provides assurance for high quality work.

Competitive Pricing

Being owner operated means that over-heads are kept to a minimum, allowing us to be highly competitive on price.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

All products used come with a warranty from the manufacture, as well as our standard workmanship guarantee.

30 Years Experience

Working in the industry for over 30 years means that you should be confident that we know what we’re doing.


We service the whole of Auckland, have great connections and know the best places to get the best materials.

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